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Fibre Optic Cabling

A typical fibre optic installation may be a link between two buildings on one large site, creating high speed local area networks. Fibre optic cabling has many benefits over copper cabling, the largest being it can carry large amounts of data (bandwidth) over large distances unaffected by any interference (unlike some copper cabling). Once inside your building you can switch cabling to more affordable copper network cabling, or you can future proof your network and run high speed fibre optic cable to your desk.

EA Data Ltd offers a comprehensive data cabling installation service, specialising in installation and management of copper or fibre optic cabling networks. With years of fibre optic projects under our belt, EA Data Ltd has installed many kilometres of fibre optic cabling, offering a complete cabling solution to numerous communications projects.

We have experience installing internal and external cabling in working environments keeping disruption to a minimum. If there is work that will be disruptive we can work reliably and proficiently 'out of hours', ensuring your staff or guests are not disturbed.

Our experienced data engineers can design and advise on your communications network, the best cable to use to achieve your required bandwidth, and the best method of linking building(s) communications.

Cabling can be installed utilising existing duct routes, through traditional rod and rope methods to pull in cables, or alternatively we can design new routes using civil construction of a new duct and pit system. However, it may be cost effective to use aerial fibre optic cabling or wireless systems.

On completion of any fibre cabling works full Fluke Optifibre OTDR test results will be made available. To view a sample OTDR test report click here.

For more information on our structured cabing solutions please click here.

If you would like more information on our services, or would like to talk to an engineer about your project please contact us.